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Action against 13000 NGOs is to gain political popularity by ruling Government

“Still some criminals and their supporters are still misusing social funds, resources and money in NGOs but Government is not taking action and not interested to. Ruling central Government and its supporter corporates only want to just make environment against NGO concept to gain complete power over governance of country so creating such scenerio.”

In India Government disapprove license and recognition of 4470 non-governmental organizations (NGOs), in addition to the 8875 NGOs’ licenses were revoked for violation of the rules on foreign funds. The action taken against the NGOs who are violating the rules and guideline of Government in not new but Central Government wants a popularity to spread this as ‘news’ widely that it is taking action such NGOs like Greenpeace and Ford Foundation who are providing foreign fund to change and affect the political condition in India.
Taking action against such foreign funding based NGOs and funding agencies may be right in some way because there was a interpretation in the political activities by the foreign funding in India. But on the other hand maximum of the NGOs are not taking part in such ‘activities’ as the Government has taken action against few NGOs for misusing (according to the Government) foreign funds for political purpose.

Apart from taking action against such NGOs who are part of the activity that Central Government is taking action on foreign interference in India politics, there is lot of other malpractices are being made by some NGOs misusing the foreign funds for personal and business purpose. There are many complaints against such NGOs who are misusing foreign funds and using it personally in-spite of social purpose, but Government agencies, Home Ministry, Income tax department, police department and other related authorities have not taken any action against the financial offenders. So it is very clear that Government has not changed its system against corruption (as claimed before) in its departments and it is not improved real action pattern against such matters. So to provide notices in FCRA (Foreign Contribution Regulation Act) violation matter it is just a stunt publicity to gain popularity in ‘Rashtrwadi’ voters, targeting the further elections of some north Indian states. If Central Government and its bureaucracy is really honest to take action against violation of rules then they must take action against such NGOs and persons who are running these NGOs where they are misusing the funds for personal purpose.
Out of the 20 lakh NGOs very few are in working condition. Among these working NGOs many of them are certainly questionable, they are not transparent, not democratic and using money for business and making personal assets. Some of the NGOs are using money for real and declared purpose. Government is not taking action against such criminals and their supporters who are not following certain laws and rules and fraudly making money that they are getting in the name of their NGOs. Just making a propaganda against (all) NGO just due to ‘concept, concern and action of NGO related persons’ the ruling party lost its position in Delhi election. Some political supporters of the ruling party are against NGO sector and NGO concept just due to this reason that they had loost in Delhi. One thing must be clear that if anyone or NGOs speak in favour of society, welfare, development and on improvement of social situation and society that means are they wrong? The ruling party is making such circumstances that NGO or NGO pattern is wrong. The persons won in Delhi election and came in ruling of Delhi they are transparent and honest on their part, if some one were wrong, they lost. The persons emerged and are in Delhi ruling never supported them, as the Central ruling party is supporting many offenders those have equal offenses of some political persons who went in jail or under prosecution.
One thing must be clear that the NGO persons, members, activists, political persons, religious persons, saints, government officials, judiciary persons and all are from the society where we exits, so it is obvious that the character of the persons in all sectors including NGO is developed and based on the situation of the society. The character of the persons emerged out of the society for various sectors and departments can be unfair, fair or completely fair. So how only NGOs are being identified as part of this wrong practices, in this reference what about police, judiciary, media, political, religious and other persons in different sector? Same, so if the persons in a sector are honest the part of that sector will improve otherwise it will not. So like the situation of the system it is required to change it in a positive way, and NGOs are not exception of this process. Still there are many NGOs and many activists working in positive way and in positive patters on that basis our society is moving towards right direction. Specially the persons from new generation are more positive in this positive process to improve the society. So fair NGO concept is acceptable concept for the change makers of society.
Participation of NGOs in development work in India is negligible. Share of development assistance in comparision to other countries is less in India. But the main factor is that many of these NGOs involved in activities that are essential for the survival of our democracy, such as holding governments and institutions accountable and defend the rights of marginalized and voiceless people. NGO are part of the ideas to strengthen democratic governance. In India there is a group of some corporates and politicians who want to establish their control over economy through ruling they are defaming the NGO sector to make their way clear so they can move ahead to complete ruling and governance.
In India there is a limited civil society space, and in the process to get total control over governance and principles of democracy, such as participation, human rights, transparency and accountability they do not want to emerge the NGO concept. In this way India will be like the countries such as Saudi Arabia, black holes are human rights, because there is no space for civil society. NGOs in India have an important role in maintaining situation of the socio-economic and human right issues. Most of the foreign funds provided to NGOs in India is for financial improvement and upliftment of livelihood of poor and marginalised Indians, so nothing is wrong to get it and use it for the said purpose in society. And in some human rights and democratic value issues the persons working with or running the NGOs take participation in human rights and other democratic and ethical rights issue nothing is wrong on political part. If it is not explained and taken on that part where some opposition party or parties are supported by some particular foreign funding groups then it must be increased transparently as the priority of the head of ruling team of Government is to improve the condition of India in global context.
(Analysis by: Ritu Raj)

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